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Arrival of Xayden Soo aka Baby Soo
Date : Monday, June 27, 2011
Finally the day has arrived. 19/6/11 the day my gynae admits me for inducing. I was already overdue according to him, 40 weeks plus. Had my Mcdelivery at 8 plus in the night then headed off to Gleneagles. Reached a bit too early so we went walking around. The nerves slowly kicked in as the clock reaches 9pm.

Went to the labour ward as written on the admission letter, ended up it was a mistake and got transfered to the normal ward. Changed to the gown and wait for the nurses to do what they had to do. Soon one of them came in with the pill that has to be inserted to help soften the cervix. Then the pump for clearing of bowels. The ctg was also attached to my belly for baby's heart beat and contractions throughout the night. After that all is settled.

Staying over night in the unfamiliar place i couldn't get to sleep. Hubs couldn't accompany me tgat night as I was staying in the 2 bedded room. Till 6am the nurse transfered me to the labour ward. Ctg was straped on me again and I waited for hub to come. He came and we waited for the gynae to come and check me. Gynae came and he broke my water bag. We waited for a while again to see if there's any progress in the dilation. After a few hours I had no progress, so the nurse had to pit me on drip to speed up the process.

I didn't opt for the epidural but ended up i had it due to the pain that I wasn't prepared for. So I had the drip as well as the epidural together. Soon my lower body went super numb. Epidural was working well but half way through i felt the contractions on one side, it wasn't painful but very uncomfortable.

Nurse checked me a few times and i dilated to 4cm for a few hours with no progression. So we waited and waited, talked to baby and persuade him to co-operate with me. Ended up still not much progress during the evening, gynae told us if by 9pm it's still the same a c section had to be done. By then the contraction were too strong even the epidural has no effect. I did cry cause of the cramps. Hub was there to comfort and encourage me. Appreciate it a lot.

Gynae came in at 9.30pm to check me again, this time baby did co-operate with me. His head was very low but still needed help from the vaccum. He told me to push and i gave 3 pushes then he used the vaccum. The nurses was also pushing my tummy and it was so painful much more painful than the contractions.

After a few more pushing he was out and I didn't know that till the gynae put baby on my chest. The baby was transfered to the warmer. Waited for 3mins finally he cried.


Angel Faith. || 6/27/2011 01:48:00 PM

39 weeks last appt
Date : Sunday, June 19, 2011
Well I it was my last appointment on Friday 17 June. Supposely tge appointment was at 11am but I overslept so ended up had it postponed to 3pm. As usual 4 people was before me, so just sat there waiting alone. Did ask hubbs to accompany me that day but he still have unfinish work so he couldn't make it. A bit disappointed but oh well kinda used to it since I always go alone for the appointments.

Weight taken and I was weighing 73.9kg. So much weight gainef during the entire pregnancy, gosh. Waited for an hour and it was my turn. Gynae asked me the usual question like any problems etc. So far everything is alright just some pain and discomfort at the cervix area but bearable. Did inform my gynae about baby's movement getting lesser each day.

Proceeded with the scan and baby's weighing 3.5kg as what I expected. He check my placenta too after knowing about baby's movement has decrease. Placenta was fine. Then he proceeded to check the dilation of cervix. I didn't put too much hope that it has progression in the dilation as the past 2 appointments had no progression, it remained at 1cm for the past 2 appointments. The feeling of checking isn't the best feeling on earth. Feel so uncomfortable and lots of pressure. He checked and told me its dilated and to 3cm. I was happy and shocked at the same time as I did not expect that to happen.

Gynae told me since I have dilated that much and baby movement getting lesser he said he would want to deliver baby early and asked fot my consent to be admited on the 19 June which was on fathers' day. I agreed as i so want to get this over with. Baby will be likely to be out on Monday 20 June.

Consultation ended and the receiptionist cum nurse made calls to the labour ward informing them about my schdueled time and date. Like finally big progression and relief that I dun have to carry him till exactly 40 weeks.

After everything is settled, gave hubbs a call telling him to apply leave for Monday and Tuesday. And told him I'll be admiting for delivery on Sunday night. He did'nt really had much of emotions or expressions. But when I asked him whether he's afraid he replied me yes. Now it's 4am on Sunday and I can't get to sleep. Anxious, scared and excited. Don't know what to expect too.

I guess my next post would be pictures of baby and birthing experience. Good luck and prays for later.

Angel Faith. || 6/19/2011 03:44:00 AM

35 weeks along + movie session
Date : Wednesday, May 18, 2011
An update of my 35 weeks pregnancy. It was on Monday 16th May, reached the clinic at around 11.30am had my urine test and weight taken. As usual waiting time almost an hour, waited and waited soon my name being called.

Went in the nurse told me that they had to do a swab test to make sure that the birth canal is free of bacterias or infections for the safety of baby birth naturally. It's like a cotton bud inserted all the way to the cervix, I wasn't expecting pain maybe just some discomfort, but it was so painful compared to the first time to test for abnormal discharge.

After the swab test it was the ultrasound. Measured the BPD and AC and baby's meaurements was in the normal range. He's weight 2.4kgs, steadily increasing 200-250g each week. And for me every week about 1kg gained. I did ask my gyane whether I can have baby on the 17th June, he told me high chances that can be done. Was really happy to hear that, hopefully my walking and squatting pays off for baby to arrive that day instead of delaying.

After the consultation, I went to the washroom. While doing "small business" I felt this intense sharp pain below as though it had been cut. Then I started to bled, not period bleeding but some drops of blood. Scary enough as I didn't bleed for my whole pregnancy, worried I went back and ask the nurse and they said it was normal due to friction of the swab and said that the pain and bleedinng should stop within 2 days. And indeed the pain and bleeding stopped the next day.

I was still at the counter and the nurse was asking me about the report of the blood test for those diseases. I told her I didn't take the blood test for that, so they arrange for me to take that day. Took 4 tubes of blood making me feel so soft and jelly. With the pain below I just couldn't walk properly.

Went back to Clementi house and slept for a while. Met Daddy Soo up after his work and head back home together.


Vesak day, booked movie tickets at Junction 8 for Thor. The movie started at 6.50pm. As usual the big crowd waiting to get in. Movie was funny and entertaining. After the movie it's about 9pm, head to Subway got our sandwiches for dinner.

Head home after eating Subway, I felt this giddy spell. I felt that my head was like literally floating, very light headed. Went to lie on the bed and my eyes kept rolling back. Didn't dare to sleep as I fear I wouldn't wake up. *touch wood* But that was what I felt. Applied some medicated oil felt better but still giddy. Daddy Soo was worried, he told me if there's anything wrong in the middle of the night I have to wake him up.

Lucky I slept through the night, and waking up at 6+pm to prepare him for work. By then the giddy spells is gone and felt more energetic. Not sure what and why it happened but I guessed it normal.

Next appointment would be on 23rd May Monday again. I would get the report that day hope all is well so I can have baby naturally.


Baby is 35 weeks plus still active and I can't wait for his arrival. Finally done with washing all his clothes only left with the beddings. And still missing out some items like powders, oils and creams. Will get it on 1st June. Baby please let me have you on the 17th June ya? =)

Alright will gonna end here and update soon =)

Angel Faith. || 5/18/2011 06:54:00 PM

34 weeks preggy
Date : Monday, May 09, 2011
Update on my appointment for 34 weeks, just went for the appointment today. It was suppose to be 10.15am but I had it postponed to 12pm. I was too tired didn't sleep well last night.

Waited for almost an hour, reached there did the usual routine, urine test, weight and blood pressure. Urine test was fine, weight is now 70.2kgs had gained 1kg over 10 days, blood pressure was fine too. Continue waiting, almost fell asleep, was so sleepy.

Finally, my turn came. Ask my gynae some questions and proceeded with the scan. Baby's head is still slightly bigger but everything like abdominal circumfrance, heart beat and placenta is fine. Baby's weight is also recorded which is at 2.2kgs now. Gynaae commented that everything was fine and good.

I hope to deliver baby on the 17th June, as it's easier for us to remember. We got together on the 17 Feb '10, and ROM on the 17th Jan '11. Praying hard that by then cervix show signs of opening and softening.

My appointment also had been cut down from every 2 weeks to every 1 week. So my next appointment would be next monday.

Baby is getting bigger hence his movements are very strong now, sometimes it hurts when he move too vigously or kick to hard. Still trying to get used to his strong movements.

Will update on that day of appointment again =)

Angel Faith. || 5/09/2011 10:27:00 PM

32 weeks appointment
Date : Sunday, May 01, 2011
I just went for my 32 weeks appointment on Friday with Mr Soo accompanying me. And we were late ! =X

Reaching there the usual the urine test and weight measurements. Urine test was fine and my weight is already at 69.2kgs. WOW. In just 2 weeks I've gained 1.1kg.

Waited for about 15 mins went in for consultation and scan. Gynae was measuring the head and abdominal circumfrances. Baby seems to have a big head. My EDD supposely is on 24th June but my gynae decide to admit me on the 17th June, one week earlier as he wants me to go natural and afraid that baby will be too big that's why he'll be out one week earlier than my expected EDD.

And baby's weight for now is already 1.8kgs, and I feel so heavy, my backache doing no good too. And we have also booked the hospital bed on 17th June.

That makes it 48 more days to seeing him. So excited !

Still wondering how he looks like even I had the 3d scan haas.

Angel Faith. || 5/01/2011 03:42:00 PM

Sighs problems again
Date : Sunday, April 24, 2011
Another problem with my own mother. I told her last month that we're only able to fork out $200 for maid, grocceries and electrical bills etc due to the stock we bought for the blogshop. She said she understand. Usually every month we're giving $300. But then last night don't know what's wrong with her came asking me whether next month we'll be giving her $400. $300 for next month and $100 for last month.

She agreed on $200 hundred last month now she changes her words.

The next thing, she hired a maid, supposely to help me with some chores now and after baby's birth. Last night my step father another one said something that I really don't like. What he said was that in future when we get our own house, there will be no maid to help us, so he want ME to do all the washing of our clothes and cleaning of our room and ironing of clothes.

If thats the case why must i fork out $300 when the money is also paying for the maid?

In the first place the maid is most of the time not home as she'll be in my mother shop helping her DO her business. Only washing our clothes like once or twice a week. We only have these few things for her to do and I didn't expect her to do all of my stuffs.

Since they want to be so calculative, we'll be moving out soon.

Seriously I'm so done with her and her dumb nonsense. Who knows what will happen after baby comes. Who knows whether she will go haywire as newborn babies cry often.
Freaking had enough of her and my step father. Always say sacarstic things, so what if their rich? Always telling me my step father earn how many tens of thousand per month. Since he's earning so much why so calculative or such amount when my husband is the only one working now.

How I wish I can help him now but I'll not be able to get a job now. Sighs.

Angel Faith. || 4/24/2011 09:20:00 PM

Online Shop
Date : Wednesday, April 06, 2011
Have been quite busy lately setting up and preparing the online shop selling clothes. Jus started slightly a over a weeks ago, dealing with ladies apparels and some accessories.

All items are in stocks and no shipping required.


View the items here, angels-closette.blogspot.com

Do introduce whoever might be interested and spread the blog around =)

Thanks for all the support ! ~

Hope to bring you people more designs soon =)

Angel Faith. || 4/06/2011 07:10:00 PM


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